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For aspiring writers, artists and musicians,

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Bring your creative dreams

Learn the Rowdy Creative tried-and-true method that's helped over 500 artists go from "aspiring" to "accomplished."


I've made more progress on my novel in one month than I had in the previous three. I'm on track to publish soon!

Senior Trans Person


I wanted to dedicate more time to my watercolors for years but always found an excuse not to. The Rowdy helped me overcome resistance and  get painting.


It feels so good to be composing again. Having a supportive community in addition to a framework for creative production has made all the difference.

Module 1: Show Up

Creative Habit Formation

Have you been waiting for inspiration? That's your first mistake. The key to making great art is to make LOTS of art. Creativity is less about one brilliant idea and more about building a habit of creative production.  

What You'll Learn

  • How to design your routine to become a creative powerhouse

  • Tech tools to help you focus and produce

  • The art of Morning Pages – and why even non-writers should do them

  • How to set goals and hold yourself accountable

Module 2: Put One Foot in
Front of the Other

Creative Endurance

Do you give up on your creative projects too soon? That's your second mistake. Creative projects are easy to start and difficult to finish. There's a truth no one talks about: the last mile is always the hardest.

What You'll Learn

  • How to keep going, even when you're tired of the project and ready to quit

  • How to leverage accountability groups to keep your motivation high when the going gets tough

  • The predictable pattern: know what to expect so you're prepared for the lull 

Module 3: Don't Take Yourself
so Damn Seriously

Creative Lightheartedness

Are you paralyzed by fear of failure? This is your third mistake. When we put too much emphasis on the success of our art, we cripple our creative spirit. The key is to not take ourselves too seriously while also valuing our art. 

What You'll Learn

  • How to manage your doubt monster to keep moving when the voices in your head are getting you down

  • Practices and mantras to keep it light

  • How to bring playfulness into your creative production

  • Why perfectionism is killing your ability to do your work

Artist in Art Studio

So what happens if I don't sign up?


Nothing happens. Your poetry remains unwritten. Your woodworking doesn't end up in anyone's dining room. Your rock opera based on the life of Robin Williams never sees the light of day. 

We don't want that. 

There's work that's yours to do and – here's the hard part – no one can do it but YOU. 

The world needs your art. Stop stalling and start creating. Give us what you've got. 

See you on the inside,

Tony and Christie, The Rowdy Creative

Creativity 101 Course

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The Rowdy Creative Starter Pack

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  • Creativity 101 Course – $150 Value

  • 3 months access to the Rowdy Creative Online Community – $75 Value

  • 45-minute Get Unstuck coaching call – $75 Value

  • Hard copy of In the Creative Arena book – $12 Value

Total Value: $312

Regular Price: $250
Today's Price: $97

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