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We're all told a similar story.


Go to school, get a degree, get a job, and you will be happy. Do something practical. Study what is employable.


And a lot of us succeed in getting jobs, being practical, getting employed. 


We're doing everything right. But we're not happy. And many of us can't shake the sneaking suspicion that there's got to be more than this. 


It doesn't sound responsible. That's not what real adults do. This is just a phase and I'll get over it. 


That's what I thought six years ago, when I turned 30 in a job I hated and felt like I didn't have any good options. I tolerated a lot of mediocrity — in my life, in my work, in my hobbies. 


Until I didn't anymore. 


HI, I'm Christie. I did everything I was supposed to do, and after several years of unsatisfying jobs, I finally came to the most important realization of my life: I wasn't happy, and I alone could make the changes that would transform my life. 


If only I'd had a guidebook to help show me what else was possible and help me imagine a different future for myself.


It didn't exist. So I wrote it myself. 


Imagine doing what you dream of doing. Imagine quitting your terrible job. Imagine taking a leap into the life you've always imagined. 


Every major life change, every success story of the lawyer-turned-author or the accountant-turned-nurse or the broker-turned-nomad began with one step. 



You Make the Path by Walking: A Self-Helf Storybook for Restless Millennials

An ebook for stuck professionals to explore possibilities without quitting their jobs. Perfect for midcareer millennials who feel trapped in a job they don't love—but don't know what else to try.


This book will help you:

  • Test-drive other life choices (with zero risk of failure)

  • See what else is possible for your life

  • Begin dreaming … then begin planning

  • Find inspiration from wise voices who have gone before

  • Get unstuck!

You Make the Path by Walking: A Self-Help Storybook for Restless Millennials

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$3.99Sale Price
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