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Do you have a book that's yours to write?

A business that's yours to start?

Do you have THAT project that's yours to do, yet the months (or years) slip by without anything happening? 

If you know that feeling, then you know why we started ACSAS.


If you are ready to get to work, ACSAS is for you. 

Find Your Creative Tribe

With a little help from fellow creatives, watch yourself get more creative work done in weeks than you've done in the last 6 months combined.

The Requirements

You need to do 3 things to start ACSAS.

Laptop Corner

Have Internet.

ACSAS is a virtual thing, so reliable Internet is....

well, it's important. 

Keyboard and Mouse

How Our Cohorts Work

  • 8-12 creatives, each with their own project to work on

  • 3 weeks

  • a Deliverable: what you hope to knock out by the cohort's end 

  • 2 Zoom calls of roughly 75 minutes (a Cohort Kickoff and a final Show and Share call)

  • Slack group where cohort members can check-in and support one another

  • Daily 10-minute Zoom check-ins of 10 minutes are optional (M-F)


Your cohort will include other creatives and a facilitator who understands what it takes to win the daily battle to create.



We assume you have a busy schedule and designed ACSAS to help you reach your creative goals anyway.




Cohorts have a suggested donation of $20.


Some people give more. For others, money is really tight. We're good either way.

The best part is...
We get work done. 
Jen Art

The ACSAS Blog

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