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Image by Debby Hudson

Have you spent the last 6 months thinking about...

  • writing that book? 

  • starting that business? 

  • learning to play the guitar? 

  • painting more canvases? 

If so, how's that going for you? 

not well, right? 


do you know why you aren't making progress? 

because you're losing the battle against Resistance, a battle you likely don't know you're fighting but are losing every day.  

What is Resistance? 

Resistance is the nefarious, unseen force Steven Pressfield identified and described in The War of Art.

It takes many forms (addiction, drama, procrastination, distraction), but Resistance has only one goal--to keep you from doing the work that is yours to do. 


ACSAS is flexible. Our focus is on creating, not jabbering.

(the jabbering is a bonus)


We know how to hold virtual space that feels good. You do 1 Cohort, you'll likely do more.


It's all via Zoom and Whatsapp, so you can do ACSAS from anywhere. 


We've learned that people get more done in ACSAS than they otherwise would have. 

the 3 rules

1)  show up.

2) put one foot in front of the other.

3)  don't take yourself so seriously.


That's where 

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